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About Us


Tiny Turtles is an early childhood program ran by a highly experienced Mother Daughter duo. The art and education program is designed for ages 2-5 years old, while catering to each child's developmental stages. We focus on art, language, fine/gross motor skills, and letter/number recognition. The children cut, glue, paint, stamp, count, sing, sort, organize, work in groups, speak in front of class, as well as countless other activities throughout every class. 

Twice a month: Guest teachers come in for specific lessons...


Cooking - The children learn how to measure, cut, and assemble simple snacks. 

Music - The children get to choose the instruments they want to learn about. With those instruments they all play and sing along in small groups.

Yoga - Basic yoga poses and breathing techniques are used to let the children connect with their body and their breath. It is a very relaxing part of the day and the children love every aspect of it.

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